III Rows Unwooded Chardonnay Barossa Valley

III Rows Unwooded Chardonnay 2011

When asked to plant only red varietals, we could not imagine not having a white variety also in our vineyards. Our first thought was chardonnay because it produces great wines and it is followed by many for being fresh, fruity and light, especially when it is unwooded as we prefer. Inspired by our passion for this wine, we purchased a quantity of Chardonnay vines, which we subsequently planted at the bottom of our vineyard resulting filling three rows, hence the name "III ROWS".

Fruit: Sourced from our own vineyard in the Barossa Valley.

Colour: Subtle straw yellow with a green hue.

Nose: Melon with citrus dominating.

Palate: Citrus flavours with touches of melon and a slight stone fruit finish.


A well rounded Chardonnay with dominant citrus characters on both the nose and palate. No oak treatment was given to this wine, allowing the dominant fruit flavours of the variety to shine through. A very full bodied Chardonnay with a lingering finish. Classic varietal wine!

Charlie Scalzi

Size: 750mL 12.5% alc/vol

Produced and Packed by: Scalzi Family